2016 Toyota CH-R

2016 CH-R represents hybrid crossover coupe concept vehicle made by Toyota, who planned to promote this vehicle on 2015 Paris Motor Show. Several month before the show information about this vehicle leaked to the public, including rendering that shows this crossover’s funky looks.

2016 Toyota CH-R concept

2016 CH-R

Finalized renderings came out in September last year, and before that only the silhouette and headlights shape were known, since these were released earlier with some teaser photos. This vehicle looks sportier than RAV4 and if Toyota decides to start its production it would be primarily to compete with Nissan Juke. Same as this popular small SUV CH-R comes with some futuristic curves and angles which increase this vehicle sportiness. It comes with nice and functional rear mirrors, gloating roof and futuristic headlight design. Like some other Japanese small SUV it come without classic door handles.


This vehicle interior hasn’t been revealed yet, but since 2016 CH-R is going to compete with Nissan Juke we can expect similar design pattern and material quality. This would mean that eventual production version will come with cloth upholstery, maybe some faux leather or vinyl in some higher trims. It will come with Uconnect infotainment system, and less than 6 inches big touch screen display that goes with it. Vehicle’s battery would probably take a several cubic inches of interior space if placed under the central console, or some cargo room if Toyota engineers decide to put it under the trunk floor. We can also expect that this vehicle’s battery will be able to provide more charging sockets for smart phones.

Toyota CH-R Concept

When it comes to this concept’s powertrain, it is really hard to find some relevant information online. We assume that the new model is going to come with four cylinder engine that will produce less than 12o horsepower and it will be combined with electric motor. Joined output of these two units will be around 200 and this hybrid system will be powered by lithium ion battery. There are still no information about all electric range nor fuel economy, but we believe it will come with an ability to drive for at least 15 miles on electric power only.

2016 Toyota CH-R

Release date

2016 CH-R concept is going to be presented on 2015 Paris Motor Show, it’s a mystery when the production version is going to arrive, but after seeing how popular in Europe are some other small SUVs, we think that production version of this vehicle is inevitable and it will probably arrive until 2017.

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