New Toyota Aygo 2015 shines in Geneva Motor Show

new Toyota Aygo 2015

World premiere at the Geneva Motor current had a new Toyota Aygo 2015 that has just shown here for the first time.The first impression that is left is the high level of personalization and should provide some fun with it all.

Behind the development of the new AYGO is the idea Akia Toyota to make better cars that are more fun to drive. It relies on the quality of the current AYGO, such as attractive design and driving pleasure, but with a new, more fun dimension. The design of the new AYGO is called ‘J-Playful’, which connects it with youthful modern Japanese culture, which favors strong and pronounced shapes and forms. From the cult of the new ‘X’ front design, the whole range of options tailored to the owner complete ‘styling’ and engineering decisions on the new Aygo’s are designed to be fun.

new 2015 Toyota Aygo

“My biggest challenge was to create a car that people will fall in love,” said David Terai, chief engineer of the New Toyota Aygo 2015. “Traditionally, the look of the car from the A segment is limited by practicality and compact dimensions, and price. But these cars are generally not desirable. The elements for which you want the car and why over and over again while reading the catalog decide to buy, they are often subject to compromise. The design is in the background and you can not choose too much equipment. ”

This approach explains why the new AYGO based on the legacy of the first generation, in which they have already rejected some basic stereotypes Segment. Despite its compact dimensions, it was attractive, with a dramatic and sophisticated, yet fun lines. Its design is forcing people to choose, it is not anyone like him. A David Terai explains that just such a design intended to achieve.

2015 Toyota Aygo

“If you want to achieve an emotional connection between the customer and the design, you have to accept that tastes differ,” he said, adding “in a crowded market, it is better to have a design that half of the people absolutely adore, but design that no one pays attention. Therefore, the New Toyota Aygo 2015 wants to set itself apart from the crowd. ”

I managed that! The inner and outer design are designed in a manner that allows a large number of different designs. So far AYGO is not only fun to drive, but it can also be a fun way to adjust your impeccable style. One of his personality will fit the specific tastes of its owner.

In addition, about 10 parts of the vehicle can easily be replaced with another color or shape, which allows customers to choose their own unique AYGO. Cleverly designed and carefully thought out way to install cost-affordable, easy to personalize, which guarantees that the price and delivery time stay within a segment.

Toyota Aygo 2015

Life behind the wheel has never been better, thanks to a larger space in the cabin and an abundance of innovative equipment designed to fit the lifestyle of younger customers, just those who should accept the New Toyota Aygo 2015. The most attractive example of the x-touch multimedia system. Its 7-inch color touchscreen control many systems in the car, while “MirrorLink” connection to the smart phone allows you to easily connect to the car’s busy “online” life, which most of us live these days.

The new Aygo is equipped with an improved version of Toyota’s award-winning three-cylinder, 1.0-liter VVT-i petrol engine. Still one of the lightest engine in its class, this remarkable engine is subjected to a number of improvements to increase performance and achieve best-in-class fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

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As the New Toyota Aygo 2015 now ready for its first customers, chief engineer Terai is a happy man: “I wanted to avoid the traditional compromises characteristic of the A segment, so I created something that can really be proud of. When I look at this new car, elicit a smile and immediately fall in love. So I think I succeeded. “Toyota hopes that smiles do not end here and that the new AYGO bring endless entertainment to drivers and passengers.

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